FridgePad touted to be the world’s largest and most expensive fridge magnet

Stuart Hughes may have dressed the iPad in diamonds and platinum and turned it into the world’s most expensive gizmo, but Woodford Design has turned the iPad into the world’s largest and most expensive fridge magnet. Woodford Design has created the unique FridgePad, a magnetic mounting bracket that holds your iPad and turns it into a high-tech fridge magnet. Letting you explore the iPad’s possibilities in the kitchen, the FridgePad is made out of a solid chunk of aluminum and boasts of a silver finish. The FridgePad allows the iPad to be clipped in and out easily and won’t leave a gaping hole when you take the iPad out of the kitchen. A unique pedestal to house and flaunt your beloved gizmo, it is the perfect gift for your gadget freak friends. The FridgePad’s will be available from this autumn for $77 at

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