Fujifilm has partnered with Taylor Swift for special edition Instax cameras

The instax camera series has been quite a rage since its launch in 1998. And in an ode to carry forward the legacy, Fujifilm recently announced the launch of the “instax SQUARE SQ6 Taylor Swift Edition” and “instax SQUARE Film Taylor Swift Edition” on October 20, 2018. Both products are inspired by the pop star’s work and will allow users to shoot and enjoy on-the-spot photo printing on the go.

The Taylor Swift enthused cameras each feature a gold-colored newspaper pattern on a black base and a metallic ring around the lens for a luxurious finish. They bear a golden inscription of Taylor Swift’s autograph on the back and come with a Taylor Swift original camera strap and film case. The luxe instax’s are currently on display as part of the instax Experience Booth located at each stop of the critically acclaimed “Taylor Swift Reputation Stadium Tour”, that is currently taking place in Japan.

The star too gave out a teaser of the upcoming launch with three video clips on Wednesday. “It has a signature on it, it has a selfie mode, it has a double exposure, it has all sorts of things to play with.” Swift said as he introduced the camera in one of the videos. “I think it’s cool to have a photo that you can palpably hold in your hands right after you take it.”, she further added. There is no official word on the price of the cameras yet.


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