FujiFilm’s FinePix Z3 Zoom for females

All right gals, now there is some girly dope for you. Firstly why is a gizmo or car made pink when it is for a woman? Anyways, FujiFilm has thankfully given more choices than a wrongly, woman-oriented pink. FujiFilm has gone all pearls-in-the-kitchen with their new FinePix Z3 Zoom camera, calling it the ideal “handbag companion” for the ladies. With a re-designed body and funky new colours, it will appeal to the most fashion-conscious customers. The camera sports 5.1 million pixels, ISO up to 1600 and a 36-108mm lens. A marginal update to the Z2, the Z3 adds Intelligent-Flash mode and a higher resolution 2.5-inch screen. The Z3 is nothing more than the Z2 (or Z1 for that matter) with the addition of a picture stabilization mode, intelligent flash, and a new flash mode which snaps both a natural light and flash shot with a single press of the shutter.

It weighs 130gms (no battery) and its dimensions are as 92.7 x 56.7 x 27.8 mm (3.6 x 2.2 x 1.1 in). And yes it is available in silver and metallic blue for all those who hate pink (like me).

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