Fujitsu’s Flepia: The world’s first e-book reader is finally up for grabs

For all those eagerly awaiting the release of Fujitsu’s Flepia, the color e-book, here is some good news. The neat device is now available for sale in Japan. So if you are ready to take the next flight to Japan to grab this device, go on, it’s totally worth it. The reader has a an 8″ screen which displays 260,000 colors, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi (b and g), a mini USB port and, a touch screen (with a stylus).

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With a battery life of 40 hours (or a continuous use i.e. 2400 page turns according to Fujitsu), the reader boasts of a soft on-screen keyboard. Along with the book reading software, the device comes equipped with Windows CE 5, meaning support for e-mail, spreadsheets, web browsing and other such software’s. A great gadget, it promises to be totally worth its value.
Priced at a whopping ¥99,750 ($1,045), the Flepia will start shipping on April 20th.