Genuine cinema experience in this private home theater

If you own a Cineplex then naturally you are used to the most excellent audio-video experience ever. So when you want a home theater at home, it’s like you would want to bring your cinema at home. But since that’s not possible, this Cineplex owner who was looking for all of the flamboyance of his commercial projects burdened Home Technology Systems with his expectations. Sporting a 144-inch screen, the folks at Home Technology Systems, Inc. managed to include neon lights, a metal ceiling, and a lot of red. Although that would make the process of installing lighting, acoustical treatments, and radio-frequency technology a bit more daunting. While a Middle Atlantic pullout rack was placed at the back of the theater, the room included a three-level concrete floor and four solid concrete walls that would keep the sound contained, and the rest of the house nice and quiet. As speaker placement was one of the first considerations, the sidewall acoustic panels helped to smooth out the sound, as well as bring a nice aesthetic kick to the decor.

It is believed that home theater enthusiasts don’t feel the need to go to the local multiplexes but this Cineplex owner begs to differ and opts for a cinematic extravagance at home too.