Givori Via Veneto luxury phones dressed in leather shell and some bling

Givori’s latest phone is nothing like its ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ themed Nefertiti phone launched late last year. The new range is called Via Veneto luxury handsets, and it’s inspired and named after the popular shopping street in Rome. Fortunately, the range features authentic full-grain Italian leather hand-finished with delicate metal foil instead of the usual all-gold or all-diamond themes. Although, it has a reminiscence of the same through the 18-carat Italian Rose Gold plating and 0.3-karat diamonds accents.

The two editions to choose from are Classic and Exclusive, where the first version features a snake-embossed brown leather shell and the second favors the fairer sex, featuring a gold screen, diamond encrusted logo and scratch resistant glass. There is also a comprehensive gift set that includes a crystallized perfume bottle. As of now, there’s no word on pricing, but we know that it won’t come cheap.