Globus Scriptorium – A personal workstation enclosed in an orb

All sci-fi freaks and nerds will be in awe of this amazing desk known as the Globus Scriptorium. So stylishly designed, it actually appeals to almost everyone who looks for something extraordinary. It is a desk and chair ensconced inside a pod, providing flexible yet unobtrusive working space. Amazing, isn’t it? A Dutch innovator, Michiel van der Kley, has been inspired by the eclectic designs conceptualized by the 1930’s futurists. The foam-molded seat swivels 180° and is padded and luxuriously upholstered in leather, placing users 1 1/2′ from the base for comfortable, relaxed reclining while working. The workstation’s sturdy Volkern plastic desktop unfolds and extends from the front hemisphere, supported by a hidden steel bracket, allowing you enough space to store small items underneath the work surface. Not only is it the most futuristic and stylish desk to work on; once closed, this beautiful globe promises to become the centerpiece of any room.

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The smart Pod glides on four double-casters equipped with soft rubber treads. A great addition to your futuristic room, I am sure every sci-fi freak in town is going to want one of these. The amazing workstation is priced at $7,000 and is available from
With dimensions measuring as follows: Closed 3 3/4′ L x 2 1/2′ W x 3 1/2′ H; extended 4 1/2′ L x 2 1/2′ W x 3 1/2′ H. (70 lbs.), this desk is a must have.

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