GM announces magic key fob

When you can’t make them buy your cars lets bribe them with hi-tech keys. It seems that’s what the guys at GM were thinking when they designed this fob. About to debut in April 2007, the new fob will feature an LCD display so that your vehicle can actually communicate things to you like the tire pressure, the odometer reading, how much fuel’s in the tank, etc. It can also change the radio settings even before you enter the car or even start the car for you. I have my reservations regarding this feature though. Imagine someone flicks your key and starts the car remotely and his accomplice drives away with it? Oh…and did I tell you it unlocks the door too. Hallelujah to that!

GM has fine-tuned the operating range of the fob by a factor of six so you can even pick up its signal at quite a considerable distance. The fob will initially be an option on the Cadillac Escalade and other pickups and SUVs across the automaker’s brands. GM also promises it will cost less than $100 to replace it if it were lost or broken. It promises to be durable too. You need to opt for GM’s remote start package. The price for all this fuss is $150. Now only if they could hook it up to my MP3 player…

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