Gold Dreams unveils world’s most luxurious iPhone collection

We have to admit we never tire of hearing about iPhone makeovers. This time the iPhones have been given a makeover by Geneva-based luxury company Golden Dreams. They recently unveiled their iPhone collection which includes the Desert Edition, the Gold Edition and the Full Diamond Edition. The Full Diamond Edition showcases spectacular iPhones studded with more than 4,000 Diamonds. Each of these diamonds have been specially set by expert Swiss craftsman by hand. Spewing luxury the Full Diamond Edition retails for a cool 98,000 CHF ($107,000). These iPhones are available in gold, rhodium or black chrome and can be further customized with blue sapphire, rubies, black diamonds and emeralds. The colorful bejeweled version with Emerald or Ruby carries a 110,000 CHF ($120,000) price tag.

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For those who cannot afford the Full Diamond Edition iPhones, you don’t have to be disappointed. You can indulge yourself with the Desert Edition (2,150 CHF, $2350) which include alligator leather embellished iPhone or the Gold Edition, which includes iPhone with gold mirror with either 24 carat gold plating or 18 carat gold. The gold edition 24ct retails for 2,290 CHF ($2500) while the solid gold version, the Gold Edition 120 retails for 15,950 CHF ($17,450).
Full Diamond edition
Desert Edition
Solid Gold Edition
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