For the love of bling a Gold Plated iPad stand

Striped Sail, designers and marketers of the uber convenient miFrame – a fine 8×10 picture frames with a hidden dock connector designed to dock and charge Apple’s latest iPad tablets has a latest offering – 24K Gold and Platinum Limited Edition Charging Stations. The 24K Gold miFrame is perfectly suited for those who want to have an edge over things while making the best use of the iPad’s downtime. When not in use, the miFrame keeps the iPad completely charged with its built in dock and when the iPad is removed the stand doubles up as a super sweet 8×10 picture frame with an acrylic cover that protects from scratches, dust, and UV rays while on display.

The frame is available in gold with platinum accents and also in a silver anodized aluminum finish. The orientation of the frame can be changed between portrait and landscape by simply picking up the docking cradle and reorienting the base. Four rubber feet prevent slipping or damage to surfaces while the stand’s deep wide base keeps the miFrame stable and prevents accidental tipping. Compatible with the iPad 2 and the later models the frame comes at a price of $849 and Striped Sail is offering free worldwide shipping.

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[Prweb and Available at: Store-Stripedsail]

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