Golden Apple Macintosh 128k replica pays tribute to the original Apple

Nothing could compare to the first Macintosh 128k that revolutionized the world of computing for good, other than bringing it back to the future. That’s just what the Golden Apple rendition manages with a beautifully crafted rerun of the classic Macintosh 128k. This one-of-a-kind replica of the original computer is a sight to behold and puts the history of computing into perspective, for the modern day computer user.

The Golden Apple is handmade from American walnut, thus giving it a richer getup as compare to the vanilla plastic body. The very idea of being a tribute piece is fulfilled with the quality of the wood with which it is built. To make it convenient to port around, a handle has been built on the top of the case so that it can be carried without much hassle. Inside the wooden casing lies a Mac Mini with the most recent specification and model features. The erstwhile floppy drive wouldn’t fit into today’s applications, which is why the Golden Apple houses a DVD drive in place of the classic storage device slot.
golden apple 2
What really caught our attention was the elaborately designed custom-made keyboard. It leverages blue cherry MX tactile switches, covered with gold-plated key caps. The key caps are made from zinc. One thing’s moved drastically over the years as we reminisce the classic 128k. Wires. This has been portrayed by the wireless mouse included with this setup.

The Golden Apple Macintosh 128k has been developed and conceptualized by Love Hultèn.

[ Via : Lovehulten ]

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