Gold-plated D7 preamplifier from Dalby Audio is loyal to music

I often wonder how audiophiles find the time to pick out the best of equipment and the music to go with it. I guess when a hobby comes calling; the dedication happens naturally. If you are still on the lookout for a sound system that blows your mind away, then check out the D7 preamplifier from Dalby Audio. The D7 ‘state of the art’ range of preamps give you a ‘walk through’ three dimensional soundstage feel from every angle. It features a “9-carat gold plated brass floating skin supported by a Tri-composite chassis of; Mahogany, copper and carbon fiber”. This basically helps to control microphonic vibrations. The cables have been created using pure silver and copper and you can also opt for Gabon Ebony and Lignum Vitae isolation feet.

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Prices start from £54,400 ($86,640), with the model on display priced at £67,000 ($106,710).