Gold-Plated Juicer enhances your health with a bling

OH YES! Another technical gadget in gold! Your kitchen says a lot about who you are. Nobody wants an unsightly looking gadget sitting in their kitchen at home, no matter how good it may be at its job. You want your appliances to reflect who you are and your classy tastes. Now you can truly add a slice of pure style to your healthy life, with this gold-plated juicer from Easy Health. Juicing and healthy living are becoming a way of life, but it is demanding to maintain a good standard of health in an increasingly hectic lifestyle. This bling juicer will do the job for you with ease though.

It blends, grinds, and squeezes the fruits with finesse, thanks to the twin gear feature. It also removes 95% of pesticide elements on the surface of fruit and veggies so you can sip in peace. Hence stock up on carrots, celery, cucumber, apples… and invest in the king of kitchen appliances for a cool $2800 (£1,500). And you thought you’d get a goblet fresh juice infused with actual gold?

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