Gold-plated Minox DC1011 clicks flamboyantly

A camera captures moments of lifetime! But when you capture them with a midas-touched device…..then you can essentially express them as ‘Golden moments’. Just last week we wrote about the ‘Gold’ existing in mind-boggling forms. The Minox DC 1011 special edition has a gold plated outer skin of 24 carat gold with ten 2mm diamonds at 0.03 carat each adorning the lens. This very unique look certainly does make the DC 1011 Carat stand out in a crowd. Add the outstanding technical features of the camera and its real value becomes evident.

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gold_camera.jpgOther features include a perfect 10 megapixel resolution, a 2.5″ TFT color display, 10x digital zoom, an SD card slot, and 32MB of built-in memory. Each camera is finished by hand and hence it is a work of art in camera making. Though there is no word on pricing, it will categorically blow up your savings.

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