GoldVish Revolution Lux Phone that combines mechanical watch priced at $500K

We loved the Le Million phone by luxury Swiss company GoldVish which managed to hit the Guinness World record as the most expensive phone in the world. Its latest release at the Basel 2009 was the GoldVish Revolution, which is a dazzling, Candybar phone that looked a lot like the Motorola Aura, but with a lot more bling. It combines luxury cell phones and a mechanical watch assembled by the award-winning Swiss watchmaker Frederic Jouvenot. The classic chronograph features column wheels, an automatic rewinding system, and an unparalleled and unique

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The Revolution phone is covered in 29-carats of VVS-1 graded diamonds as well as 18 carat pink and white gold all over. The exclusive phone will have only 9 pieces crafted in all and priced at $500,000. (Guess GoldVish didn’t want to break it’s own record with this model)

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