Gorenje Eye catcher fridge with 7000 Swarovski crystals

Giving an inferior complex to the 3000 Swarovski crystal studded Plasma by Panasonic which was launched last year, Gorenje unveils very special Premium Touch fridge-freezers, crystallized with Swarovski. Premium Touch fridge from Gorenje christened as the “Eye-catcher with its gloss black color and elegant door, is a unique appliance, with fewer than 10 being produced. Gorenje’s Touch fridge-freezers crystallized with 7000Swarovski represents a new generation of cooling appliances, featuring numerable sophisticated functions. The high-tech, 200 cm-high, user-friendly appliance is controlled by a touch screen mounted at eye-level on the fridge door. The touch control panel also allows regulation of the settings of the appliance, displays the temperatures and cautions against any trouble. It also incorporates a built-in radio, recipe book and voice memo recorder/player.

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The name Swarovski renowned for its excellence in crystals and crystal-ware, jewellery ,fashion industry as well as decorative home ware, can be found on many a fashion item or jewellery created by famous fashion designers – Chanel, Dior, Dolce & Gabana, Valentino and more.
Price tag yet to be disclosed, this eye-catcher is going to be exhibited and exclusively available in Harrods in May and June 2006.

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