GothRod Chopper Chair all set to turn heads this Christmas

Calling all aeronautics junkies, we’ve got news for you? LA designer and boss of Motor Lounge, Gene Gordon, has built a one-of-its-kind lounge chair that not only looks the part but plays it too! Christened the GothRod chair, this piece of motor art features hand-stitched leather saddles, flexible suspension-style legs, and a skull-topped shifter that folds out the footrest. Carved from metal tubes, bent in a style that resembles a chopper’s handlebars, this bad-to-the-bone biker-chic chair oozes metallic class with just the right amount chrome to counteract the black. With just 30 chairs in the making, this interesting-looking seat could be yours for just $ 18,000. Best seats in the house, anyone?

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