Gramofone’s Amplifier Concept Gold Edition

The folks over at Gramofone have decided to treat music lovers with their latest offering, the Amplifier Concept Gold Edition. A made to order offering; it comes finished in either Fiddle Back (Sycamore) wood or Piano Black or any wood or color of the client’s choice. A beautiful creation that combines modern technology with design, the external controls, and the Integrated Amplifier’s classical feet are double plated in Gold. All the internal wiring in the signal path is also 24 ct gold plated. Boasting the dual-mono architecture, this gold edition Integrated Amplifier has a retro-style build with all plastic and metal film resistors replaced by natural materials, carbons, and ceramic.

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The ultra-quiet power supply and anti-vibration system only enhance the performance of this Amplifier. The power output is approximately 35 WPC into 8 Ohm (nominal) speaker loads. It can also function to a reasonable level with 6 Ohm speaker loads. Truly exquisite, music played from this Amplifier will truly be a treat to your ears. What is more, the bespoke Amplifier Concept will soon be on display in Harrod’s department store in Knightsbridge, London.
The Amplifier Concept Gold Edition is priced at $25,500 for the Piano Black finish, $28,000 for the Fiddle Black finish. For an additional $2,000, you can get the bespoke finish. For more info click here.
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