Grande Utopia EM speakers… Grand and super-expensive for $180,000!

Life isn’t all about impressing people but if you have more money than u need and don’t know where to spend it, they may be Grande Utopia EM speakers may do the trick of ripping you apart and the great impression is a given. This 4-way, the floor-standing bass-reflex loudspeaker is a dream for every music lover and if you aren’t one then you will be after this stupidly expensive speaker makes its way into your space. It offers a mechanical adjustment in order to optimize the “Sweet Spot,” which is apparently the G-Spot of perfect listening. The drivers are another unique feature, with unmatched technology and science going into each one of them. This is also a great way of showing the world what you are and what you can possess. Owning speakers worth $180,000 obviously means you have got a lot more than just good taste.

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