Gravitonus iClubby is a treat for gamers

Every gamer would trade his desk for an amazing Workstation. Here is a look at one of the best Workstation that stole our hearts at the CES 2009. Known as the Gravitonus iClubby, it is a treat for all gamers. The fully ergonomic seating position, three screens, the sound system and lighting and temperature controls makes it the ideal high productivity workstation for anyone who spends long hours slaving over a hot keyboard. This comfortable workstation is a haven for gamers who will be pampered with the amazing features and stylish design. The iClubby involves not just the amazing screen and seating positions, but also boasts of air temperature and ambient lighting conditions adjustable, plus a powerful 5.1 surround sound. So for all gamers suffering from a bad back or just looking for a real comfortable gaming experience, the iClubby is definitely a great buy.

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Priced at $7000, it will definitely make gaming a whole new experience.