Gresso presents the world’s first polished Titanium phone

Gresso is one of the most recognizable names in luxury phones today, their Grand Monaco collection, Avantgarde collection and World Time collection are popular amongst the rich and famous. Their latest mobile phone is the Cruiser Titanium, where Gresso has used their own hand polishing technology to create the toughest existing metal. Unlike conventional cell phones, The Gresso Cruiser Titanium is the world’s first polished titanium mobile phone that uses a metal so strong that it’s generally used in the aerospace industry. The process of having one qualified craftsman hand polish this incredible titanium exterior makes the manufacturing cost go up; however the strength that Titanium provides is well worth the price hike.

Creating the case itself is a 9-step process; The first 6 stages involve a polishing process which is the followed by a 3 stage hand polishing process. This 9-step process allows for a delicate design silhouette that also has a high gloss that is impossible to imitate whilst still maintaining it’s incredible strength and ability to resist dents

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Gresso craftsman have applied and impeccable attention to detail to the entire phone; which can be seen in the front an back panels, made of solid tempered glass plates. each phone takes about 16 hours of handwork to create. This phone is a masterpiece of design, high quality materials and professional craftsmanship. The Gresso Cruiser Titanium has been limited to a numbered 555 pieces, with each retailing for $2,500.

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