Gresso iPhone 4 Gold Crystal comes with a complementing case too

Have you ever heard of gold crystals? Well, they are not naturally available but are manufactured by a unique artificially patented process that Gresso has come up with for their new collection of crystal jewelry Gold, made out of 18-carat gold. And after creating iPhone and iPad cases in Black diamonds and 200- year old African Blackwood, it’s time to get yourself an iPhone 4 Gold Crystal set with Gold Crystal rhinestones for an added dash of luxury. The iPhone’s back will spot a crystal Gold Crystal Glutinous of 18-carat gold-encrusted Gresso logo. Moreover, 2.5mm sized Golden Crystals will also adorn the iPhone4 Gresso Gold Crystal Case made from genuine alligator leather.

The iPhone 4 Gold Crystal is priced at $15 000, while you will have to fork out an additional $1000 for the Gold Crystal Case.
Thanks Ekaterina Lemeshevskaya