Gresso’s Luxor Collection includes the Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot cellphone for $1 million

After devoting time to modify iPhone 4 for exquisite form and uninterrupted function, Gresso has moved on to roll out their new collection. Christened, Luxor, this collection consists of the $1,000,000 Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot and the $20,000 Luxor Las Vegas. True to its name, the Jackpot version flaunts a million-dollar price tag along with 180g of solid pure gold, 45.5 k black diamonds, and rare African Blackwood. Inspired by the ancient Egypt and gambling hub, Las Vegas, even every key on the keypad boasts of crystal sapphire. Offered in a limited number of three only, the rear of this edition will be engraved with the specimen’s personal number.

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The slightly affordable Luxor Las Vegas phone case comprises solid gold, the same 200-year-old African Blackwood, and embellished with a bezel. This edition will hit the shelves this month only.