Gresso’s online boutique is world’s first service that turns buyers into designers

Gresso has been wooing the well-heeled clients with their exclusive collections like Gresso Grand Monaco red alligator skin cell phone, Lady Diamond Collection, Lady Gold and the Ultramarine Gold cell phone and the Grand Monaco version inspired by Formula 1 racing. However, they understand that many wealthy fashion conscious folks dream of sporting a cell phone that is only one of its kind. Hence they have decided to give such demanding consumers a chance to design their own Gresso cell phone. Touted to be the first of its kind service rendered by a mobile manufacturer, the company intends to tap their clientele’ designer skills. Their unique online Concept of Personalization offers various combinations, 40 to be precise, to choose from. Luxury options range from three types of titanium cases to two kinds of keypads and five exotic leather skins for the back panel. The client’s initials will be engraved to ensure ultimate exclusivity. Starting from $2200, once the client makes up his mind, his self-designed cell phone will hit production in Switzerland and be delivered to him in 14 days only.

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The personalized phone can be designed in the interactive Online Boutique on Gresso official website or in the authorized dealers’ stores. Gresso is also glad to announce of the opening of a representative office in the USA

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