Guinness Record Holding LG’s 100-inch LCD is set for mass production

In the electronics field usually the smaller the size, the better it is. One place where this condition is defied is the world of TVs. Here the bigger the better. In the race to produce the largest LCD TV, LG has already broken the record and will feature in the 2007 Guinness Records. The mammoth 100-inch LCD is all set for mass production. The panel from LG.Philips LCD features a maximum 3,000:1 contrast ratio, color reproduction of 92%, the viewing angle of 180 degrees, and response time of 5ms. The screen measuring 6.6 feet across and 3.6 feet high have the ability to produce 1.07 billion colors. The TV is offering a 6.22 million-pixel picture quality. The production cost of this TV is expected to be well over $150,000, so the actual pricing should be anyone’s guess.

How long does the 100-inch TV stay at the helm is quite relative, because we are sure Panasonic and the rest of the competition would be burning their midnight oil as well.

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