HAI – Home automation package all yours for $34,000

Ever thought what luxury can do to you? Spoil you, pamper you, lighten you, and the most definite…rip you off! Ever wonder what $34,000 in-home electronics buys you these days? Wonder no more, as Mile High Automation has you covered. It does include some pretty interesting stuff. $34 G’s, or $33,999 if you’re being specific, means that Mile High Automation will come to your home and install, among other things, 4 video touch screens, a 14-zone audio system, a “Smart Media” server to upload all of your physical CDs, 6 security cameras, 6 thermostats, “computer control software,” all orchestrated by an Omni Pro II Home Automation Controller. This all sounds fine, but we’re guessing that the video touch screens aren’t going to hold a candle to your average Plasma screen, and each of the “features” includes components from dubiously anonymous sources. If you’re looking for an all in one solution, there are better places to go, but you’ve got to hand it to Mile High Automation for switching things up on us and taking the eBay route.

Buy at your own risk or, better yet, don’t buy at all. I think the richer and luckier ones can get this one I surely would have got this for myself… I mean if you can spend that much on your solitaires why not a well-equipped home which is here to stay (after that kind of money being spent on it where do you think will it go?)… let’s see who falls prey to this not so bad deal!
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