Handmade leather charging cables for the iPhone and iPad

iPhone and iPad users alike are seldom frustrated by broken and twisted cables. Offering relief in a luxe way is a mechanical engineer Moazzam Khan with Esbee cable claiming that it is the last cable you will buy.

Esbee cables are 60% thicker than regular 28 AWG power wire. Finally a cable that does not break and is handmade from premium leather. Not only that, the cable does not tangle! Maybe it’s time to flaunt the cable as well with the iPhone. It offers two colors in leather and five distinct color options in suede. Halogen free TPE is used to manufacture the cable which is environmental friendly.

The cable has 18 stranded braided mesh and four wires that run inside each cable, two dedicated each for power and data and to top it all five layers of insulation are provided for electric flow which is twice the industry standards.
Handmade leather charging cables 4
The cable has a 24-carat gold flashed connector along with nickel plated connectors. In short the cable is much stronger and easier to use than other cables. Though wires are designed in Santa Barbara, the leather has been drawn from Pakistan.The cables are MFI certified and Esbee claims it to be the world’s toughest.

The copper wires are tin plated in the cable for extra durability. One of the reason for the wire to have such distinct personality is it’s been produced in collaboration with a company that’s producing charging cables for 16 years now.

The cables would be going the Kickstarter way for crowd funding with early bird pricing starting at $24.

[Via – Kickstarter]