Hario launches glass speaker set for $168,000

At a time when the whole world seems to be bearing the brunt of the economic meltdown, there are those who are still living life the luxurious way. And that seems like a good enough excuse for Japan’s Hario Company to produce lavish products that satisfy the needs of such high-end customers. Their latest product is nothing short of elegance and class and is sure to be a winner with the creamy layer of society. The all-new transparent Speaker Set by Hario boasts of a subwoofer, two mid-range drivers, and a pair of acrylic tweeters, all encased in heat-resistant glass. This beautiful and delicate creation has given a whole new dimension to your ordinary Speakers and guarantees a never before experience to the listener. Brace yourself as this time all eyes will be set on the speakers instead of the dance floor. So if you are ready to make a bold statement, this ultra-glam speaker set is just for you.

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Priced at a whopping 16 million Yen ($168,000) this is definitely a high price for this glassy set. But in case you are looking for a bargain, the company is offering these speakers for 10 million yen ($105,030) if you and ten other friends of yours order it right away. An amazing way to lure customers we must say.

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