Hasselblad enhances its premium range camera line-up with Stellar

Hasselblad, the iconic camera equipment manufacturer from Sweden, has added a point-and-shoot to its collection just a month after its Lunar series went on sale. This premium camera is attired in Italian craftsmanship and looks nothing like other shooters. It’s based on Sony’s premium range RX100 camera with almost three times its price tag, which is justified as it’s no ordinary camera but a proper collectors’ item. Priced at 1480 Euros ($1,959 approx), it’s one of the most expensive point-and-shoot camera in the world.

The camera promises a DSLR-like performance without its intricacies, making it a perfect choice for pros and amateurs alike. It features a CMOS sensor bigger than the ones generally used in point-and-shoot. It can capture photos with a maximum resolution of 20.2 MP and HD 1080/60p video with manual controls. The stellar camera also features a 3.6 x optical zoom and has a wide range of ISO settings for clicking pictures in dark conditions.

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Like the Lunar series, the stellar cameras will be available with 6 different wooden grips, including walnut, padouk, and zebra. This year, the new collection will be made available at stores like Harrods in the UK, Lane Crawford’s in Hong Kong and China, and Willoughby’s Camera in Fifth Avenue, New York.

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Stellar Box

[Via – Hasselblad]

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