Hasselblad’s H4D Ferrari Edition camera ships with a price tag

H4D Ferrari Edition camera is back again but this time it sports a price tag too. Up for $28,425 plus tax, this limited edition camera is originally meant to woo the new generation of photographers looking for the ultimate image quality as well all the Ferrari and Hasselblad fans. Promising to capture the best moments with an 80 mm lens, without compromising on style, the camera looks hot in the trademark Ferrari shade and Racing Shield. The press release also states that ‘For Ferrari enthusiasts striving to produce images at top speed, the new Phocus Quick software by Hasselblad that simply sidesteps any kind of complex postproduction will turn out to be the perfect tool to “strike home”.’

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Only 499 such cameras will ship in an exclusive glass-topped case with Ferrari Racing Shield. Please pick it up to flaunt your passion for the Ferrari brand or photography skills, or show off your wealth with this high-priced H4D Ferrari Edition camera.

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