High-tech LG Whisen air conditioner obeys voice commands too

We live in an age of technology, which means we live in an age of remotes. An age where grandparents use the AC remote in an attempt to turn on the DVD player, because honestly who can keep track of all the remotes. I’m sure everybody has had that frustrating moment where you’re stewing in summer heat because you cannot for the life of you remember where the AC remote is. LG’s new Whisen unit plans to rid you of these frustrations with their voice command function. Speaking from as far as 16 feet away you can command the Whisen and it will work to ensure you have total comfort.

The other great feature of the Whisen is that unlike other AC’s that are louder than the city you live in, it is whisper quiet and ensures a perfect night of sleep. Seoul based company LG has made the Whisen so tech savvy that you can even opt to tap an NFC capable smartphone such as LG’s Optimus G using the LG Whisen App 3.0 to turn the AC on and off or adjust the temperature.

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The AC from the South Korean conglomerate also has an integrated camera for remote viewing, which then doubles as an additional security point within your home. This 6 foot giant that looks almost like a giant gaming console also has an infrared sensor, which counts the number of people in the room and adjusts the fans accordingly. Did we mention that amongst all these capabilities the Whisen also cools air. However the catch for this AC unit is that it is priced between $23,000 and $50,000 which means we will be sticking with our Japanese fans.

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