High-end Music System for $350,000 from GTT Audio & Video

Mind-blowing price for mind-blowing system! $350,000 for a swanky music system from Bill Parish’s GTT Audio & Video shop in New Jersey. Only seeing is believing. The V.Y.G.E.R. Indian Signature turntable churn out the best tunes while the MBL 101E Radialstrahler Reference speakers ($49,900/pair) employ utterly unique woofer, midrange, and tweeter technology to radiate sound with perfect, 360 degree dispersion. Top it with 5,000 watt 9011 MBL amplifiers ($75,000 per pair) and rock! When some folks don’t mind spending equal or more greens on luxurious watches or exclusive paintings then I’m sure a hard-core music buff will not even blink once to spend on such rocking systems.

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Bill caters to all music lovers as well high-end home theater installations. GTT operates by appointment only; prices start at $10,000 for individual components and $50,000 for complete systems. You can also opt for a number of more affordable priced trade-ins.