Hitachi Ultra Thin plasma keeps up with the trend of the thinnest

It is at CES 2008 that Hitachi has decided to display its ultra-thin Plasma HDTV) that is a mere 1.5-inches in depth. Along with their recently introduced ultra-thin LCD HDTVs, Hitachi also promises to flaunt its super thin concept LED-backlit 3/4-inch LCDs at the show too. Thin LCDs are not uncommon but thinner plasmas are bound to stir some excitement and Hitachi is among the first vendors to demonstrate an Ultra Thin plasma display. So thumbs up to them. Developed using highly proprietary and innovative technology from Hitachi, which is so secretive and highly competitive it cannot be revealed, the new plasma display sample is 50 inches in screen size. Rollover for info…..

This new Ultra Thin plasma display that will be the centerpiece of Hitachi’s Innovations Showcase at CES will also feature:
• A “super” Ultra-Thin LCD at just .75 inches in depth
• An advanced search technology that can be applied to visual images
• A system that allows video to be shared between homes and then viewed on a TV, not a PC
• A wireless video gateway for sharing content among several displays in the home
• An IPTV user interface for accessing, managing, and sharing content at home or on the go