Horo WJE168 turntable is a classic beauty

Modern, sleek turntables are one too many. But if its class you seek, then the piano-shaped turntable christened the Horo WJE168 is definitely what you need. A far cry from the conventional turntable design, the Horo WJE168 looks like a miniature piano being played by a violin bow. Created using age-old ‘tunable’ musical instrument construction techniques by Luigi Pasqualini, this turntable is set to become an object de art. The creation is inspired by the late jazz pianist Bill Evans (WJE168 is Evans’ initials and birth date). Definitely, a must-have instrument for the music connoisseur, it is definitely the most elegant and classic creation to play your vinyl records.

Built to special order for each client, the Horo WJE168 retails for a starting price of $41,000.

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