Hublot and Monster collaborate to create the Hublot X Monster line of headphones

The Swiss watchmaker, Hublot, known to create the world’s most expensive watches has always managed to surprise us with its uber-cool creations. So also is the case with Monster, the high-performance audio accessories brand that bedazzled us with its very chic CrystalRoc Monster DNA headphones and the high-performance Limited Edition Miles Davis Tribute in-ear headphones, to name a few. Now, what’s good news for us is that both these tycoons have joined hands to create a range of “Inspiration” luxury headphones christened the Hublot X Monster!

The collaboration will see synchronization in design and style in the new “Inspiration” range of headphones. Like the exotic Hublot pieces of luxury, the new range of headphones would adorn bespoke carbon fiber, brushed aluminum, and high-grade leather. Moreover, the range would but naturally sport all features of the Monster DNA, inclusive of its Enigma audio processor chip, which is one of the world’s most advanced technologies used for noise cancellation. The Hublot X Monster drivers would be built in a solid frame to optimize the insulation of noise. What’s more, is that the headphones come with universal connectivity. Available in several variations: color and material, the Hublot X Monster over-ear headphones are scheduled to launch this week at the 2013 Basel World Trade Show. You can visit any Hublot Boutique or retailer worldwide this summer to claim ownership of your Hublot X Monster.

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[Via – Freshnessmag and Digitaltrends]

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