Hublot and JMC team up to launch Soundboard All Black

In one of the most sensational amalgams, Swiss watchmaker Hublot has joined forces with JMC Lutherie to create a special series known as “Soundboard JMC All Black”. The soundboard combines high tech materials like Nomex honeycomb and 350-year old Swiss spruce resonance wood that aid to create beauty of sound and a high level of technical expertise. This acoustic sculpture embraces omni-directional plane wave much like a musical instrument which allows music to be heard and felt virtually the same volume across the entire open space. The spruce tonewood in the soundboard emanates a beautiful sound that gives the impression of being at a concert or having musicians in the room.

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JMC Soundboard for Hublot with carbon is a special edition and will be available within two months for CHF 29’000 ($31,600). It comes with a specially designed base to facilitate installation and export to all countries. The Soundboard is a magical fusion between traditional lute-making techniques and the latest audio technologies.
[Via Hublot]

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