HUBO 2 humanoid with full motor control is now up for grabs at $400,000 only!

Do you want to know what the much intelligent, immortal, agile human being would look like? At ICRA, 2012, Dr. Jun Ho Oh revealed the latest from KAIST, HUBO 2, a humanoid with advanced motor movements that allow it to bend down and even do push-ups. A new improved model with the ability to move hinge joints and do chores like open car doors, operate a gear shift and also hold up to 7 kg, the mechanics include “individually actuated” fingers that adapt to the shape of whatever HUBO 2 is holding, like the new ASIMO. A humanoid behind which has gone 10 years of extensive research, these successors of highly elastic humans can also walk 2km on charge, can run at a speed of 4kmph and has multiple motor per joints for added power.

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Think you can do with a helping hand? Pick one up; it can be yours for only $400,000.