iDiamond ear by Heyerdahl

The Nokia 8800 phone done by Heyerdahl left us salivating and now we are drooling over the latest iDiamond ear headphones by Heyerdahl. The jewelry house is launching the headphones exclusively at Selfridges in London. The iDiamond ear is made of 18 karats massive gold, encrusted with 204 diamonds (1.65 carats), and is meant for the connoisseurs of music and diamonds. The handcrafted micropavè jewel setting adds to the glam of the piece.
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iDiamond ear by Heyerdahl will be a limited edition piece and will sell for 4,200GBP or $8,300 . Only a thousand pieces will be for sale. Currently it is available only in Selfridges Concept store. In July the product will be launched in Dubai and Hong Kong.
For connoisseurs of music and diamonds, you’ll be dazzled by the latest creation by high-end jewellers Heyerdahl from Norway. Heyerdahl is the maker of the world’s most expensive iPod “iDiamond” which was donated to charity as part of a Quintessentially event in London March 2008 for 22,000 GBP. Heyerdahl have again crafted another sought-after haute electronic item – the world’s most exclusive earphones have finally arrived. This new creation is named ”iDiamond ear”.
Encrusted with a total of 204 brilliant-cut diamonds (1.65 carats) and hewn from 18 karats of white and rosé gold, the iDiamond Ear is simply spectacular. The handcrafted micropavè jewel setting, enhance the delicacy of the piece. With substance in mind too, unsurprisingly, the stylish “iDiamond ear” also utilizes the best in ergonomic modern speaker technology. These diamond earphones can certainly be your best friend – and will be made in just 1000 numbered pairs of limited edition earphones only. “iDiamond ear” will be available at Selfridges Concept store in London as the one and only shop in the United Kingdom. In July the product will be launched in Dubai and Hong Kong.
Limited edition: 1000 pairs only.
Diamonds: 204 diamonds in total
Carat: 1.65 carat total
Diamond Colour: F (Top Wesselton)
Diamond Clarity: VVS
Cut: Brilliant cut
Material earphones: 18 karats white and rosé gold
Stamped: 750 Heyerdahl
Gold weight: 11.5 gr.
Design by: Thomas Heyerdahl
Heyerdahl Jeweller / Norway
Speakers: Open ear dynamic
Diamond setting: Handcrafted micropavè
Engraving: Laser engraved details
Produced for Heyerdahl by Diaro Digital Design / The Netherlands
Suggested retail price: GBP 4,200
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