In-Car PC ascertains indulgence for your plush car

Globally, Apple computers are undoubtedly the most preferred over any other computers. Concurrently, when it comes to the disciplines of performance, handling, and spectacular body design, the world’s most exclusive sports cars rarely leave anything to be desired. That changes when it comes to the interior as many of their sophisticated owners wish to customize according to their own personal tastes. German company Mattes Interieurtechnik specializes just in interior automotive design for ultra-luxury cars. So far all existing multimedia and business systems on wheels were based on PC technology. Mattes responded to the request of many of its customers who prefer Apple computers and developed a high-end in-car system based on an Apple iMac G5, whose entire hardware, in turn, is integrated into the 17-inch monitor that is only 5 centimeters thick. The iMac G5 multimedia system can be integrated into any car.

The computer comes covered in the deluxe magnolia-colored leather and is installed on the driveshaft tunnel behind the front seats. By unplugging one cable and unfastening the locking mechanism the computer can be removed from the car in less than a minute for use at home or in the office. An integrated DVD player also makes use of the large 16:10 iMac display. A wireless keyboard and mouse control all office and multimedia functions of the Mac OS X operating system. Downloading photos from an external source such as a digital camera is as easy as logging on to the internet via UMTS or GPRS connection.

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