Incrudo Phantom luxury phone is splendid

It wouldn’t be that difficult to find rich billionaires throughout Europe and more specifically, Russia due to its newfound oil reserves. Reports claim that the Euroset mobile network is going to release a handset that in a limited make of only 10 worldwide, which may well be the reason to woo the folks around there. Incrudo Phantom it is called and it comes in a minimalist design that is fashioned with luxurious materials, where both the apparatus body and buttons are made out of high strength titanium alloy while the display uses Sapphire glass that is virtually scratchproof. The OK button is affixed with a Blue Sapphire and the other features of this rather uncanny bricklike handset follow after the jump.

It is endowed with GSM/GPRS network compatibility, 240X320 resolution display at 16 million colors, 3-megapixel camera and 8 GB internal memory. Considering its limited availability and no-nonsense appearance, it may well woo our interested parties.