Innoventions Disney Dream Home

Well if you think there is a spelling error, that’s not the case. Introducing Disney’s new Innoventions Dream Home for gadget freak adults. This is like a tech room with a little fun. There is a living room a kitchen and a bedroom with all the wonderful cartoon gadgets you can think and see on TV. This house has audio-animatronics mannequins who play the “Elias” family. These actors are equipped with RFID tags, so when they enter a room, lighting preferences can change, different music can play, and perhaps most interesting, the dozens of LCD picture frames (all networked) can display different pictures. Other neat tricks include a “magic mirror” in the daughter’s room that puts virtual outfits on the user in real time. The best part is the youngest son’s room has two projectors and a host of automation to make the story of Peter Pan come alive. You can switch dresses or wear funny costumes virtually.

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All in all this dream house is undeniably cool. Owning this house and maintaining it at the sometime along with the visitors is a pain itself. Pleasure comes along though.