Iowa’s $80 million NADS-1 driving simulator is the real thing!

Typical simulators like the X6 Sports car or the Multidrive RS Simulator stand nowhere close to the NADS-1 (National Advanced Driving Simulator) when it comes to pumping the real adrenaline rush. The NADS-1 at the University of Iowa is one of the two most sophisticated driving simulators in the world, designed, developed and built by the U.Iowa research team. It has a real car interior devoid of engines or wheels, nestled inside a huge pod that rapidly moves around a room the size of a basketball court. There are eight huge screens projecting the graphics/scenery, but the real fun comes when you slam on the brakes. Every thing performed after that will put you into an illusion that you’re driving a real car.

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If you execute an evasive maneuver, you’re tossed from side to side into the car, if you run off the road into the gravel; you’d feel the vibration under your chair. It’s 80 million worth of software and sophisticated hydraulics that has gone into this thing. Currently, NADS-1 is used for research projects such as driving while using cellphones and sleep apnea studies. So we’d have to wait a little longer for the adventure pod to hit the markets. If I had the money, I’d rather use it as a power puffed racing video game, only if it had better graphics!

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