iPiano by Heiki Lee electronically upgrades the piano

There is no doubt about the fact that playing the Piano is one of the most relaxing and enchanting things that one could do. But there is a hitch; and it is the part where you have to break your concentration to turn the pages of the thick score book in order to play your tune. The iPiano is a concept piano that eliminates this hitch with its ability of storing and displaying electronic score. With the simple touch of the integrated touch screen display, you could turn the electronic pages without any hassles. There is also a facility of built-in software that helps users to guide their piano practice by reading the scores.

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Besides that, it also supports video display, which could enhance your learning with video tutorials. The picture show function in the iPiano helps you compose music too! When the iPiano hits the markets, we can expect budding pianists to turn into perfectionists within no time.