iTable: Hi-tech multi-touch coffee table

For the modern homes boasting of some of the most technologically advanced features and amenities, furniture that complements such hi-tech interiors is definitely a must. With the advent of the iTable, your search for hi-tech furniture is definitely over. A unique table that doubles up as a multi-touch computer, the iTable is a piece of furniture for every gadget freak. The hi-tech furniture piece was developed and unveiled by PQ Labs Inc on CeBIT. Equipped with PQ Labs’ True Multi-Touch technology, the table can recognize up to 32 fingers on the screen, allowing several people to work on it simultaneously. What is more, the multi-touch table can be operated with a stylus, pen, gloves, bottle, cup, or even diamond. The 42” Full HD LED screen makes for a unique coffee table surface.

Measuring just 1.5inches in thickness, this iTable is only 0.5 inches thicker than a laptop. So sit around this table and experience the magic of various applications.
A genius creation, it is great for both commercial as well as residential purposes. The business version will be ready to ship in Q2, while the consumer version, which will be cheaper, will be ready by the end of the year.

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