iXoost iPod docking station is made from a supercar’s exhaust

If you are looking for a roaring docking station for your iPhone and iPod then you will like the iXoost. Combining your love for audio system with your passion for super cars and you’ll end up with a unique and unusual dock, the iXoost. The name which when pronounced means exhaust, is made in Modena and was the concept of famous innovator Matteo Panini and designer Micro Pecorari. This iXoost docking station is made exclusively for iPhones and iPods. Designed from a solid block of aluminum, it is fitted with eight, ten or twelve cylinder exhaust manifold. The iXoost can further be personalized with an abundance of combination which can help the customers with the choice of color, leather and Allen screws too.

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The console of the iXoost resembles the retro motorbikes of the 60s and 70s. It is designed with two different components including the main base with its sound horns and the exhaust manifold with its sound box woofer. All the iXoost docks are hand made and personalized as per customer specifications. The standard version V8 is available in titanium color with Schedoni natural leather and retails for 5,000 euros ($6,300). The other versions of iXoosts namely V10 and V12 will cost between 6,500 ($8,000) to 8,000 euros ($10,000).

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