Jeffrey Stephen assembles the unique Ingraham Nano Case Mod by hand

Jeffrey Stephenson, the sole proprietor of Slippery Skip, never ceases to amaze us. The guy has painstakingly built a one of kind Vintage radio case mod. And no, this is not just your average FM/AM radio; it is a replica of the 1946 Stromberg Carlson radio! The ingenious product- the Ingraham Nano Case Mod is a perfect replica, except for a few modifications to the front panel, including the gas cap from a vintage Harley Davidson motorcycle. The guy spent 300 hours building every aspect of this amazing wooden Ingraham by hand, with no power tools!

According to Stephenson, Ingraham is the first case mod to feature a 1.66 GHz VIA Nano processor. Valued at $5000, this Vintage radio is definitely the classiest piece of work.

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