Jubilee Turntable costs $56,000

Ever thought of investing in a turntable that could fetch you millions in a distant 22nd century auction? Well, if the answer is a whacky “yes” then this sexy turntable should interest you. Manufactured by Thorens, a Swiss manufacturer, the turntable weighs 128 lbs and seems to be in line for the best ever turntables ever. So make sure that you treat it right when it comes your way since it does have something that not everyone owns and that’s a heavy price tag. It sometimes invokes pity when we use music as an investment but then it’s all about the money honey.

The Jubilee Turntable by Thorens costs about £28,000 (~$55,596). If you are planning to tick this off as another impossible buy then hold on. Thorens also plans to get in an economy version called the mini. This one will sell for £240 ($476).

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