Just in case you don’t misplace your Birkin – The Apple Hermes AirTags are here and they cost more than an iPhone

Recently, Apple launched a new line of AirTag location trackers and accessories. The useful little tool can be attached to your belongings, which can then be tracked (via the iPhone) if lost. While the accessory itself is quite interesting, Hermes has unveiled a version of it that costs more than the phone (SE Model) itself. Yes, that’s right!

Created in a high-end partnership with Apple, the luxe edition costs ten times more than the original one. It is available in three iterations (and three different colors) – a key ring, bag charm, and luggage tag, each crafted from Barenia leather with contrasting saddle stitching.

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The Hermes AirTag also boasts the brand’s Clou de Selle logo, making it a staple luxury statement of sorts. The accessory combines Apple’s minimalistic elegance and Hermes’ superior craftsmanship, making it a compelling buy for folks who love luxury.

It is ideal for use as a bag charm and can also be teamed effortlessly with other accessories. Priced between $299 to $449, the Hermes AirTag will be available for purchase online on Apple’s website (via the Apple shop) onward April 30, 2021. All said you can now go about finding your lost belongings in style!

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