KEF Muon Aluminum Loudspeakers for a reported $110,000

The ultimate experience in sound quality is here. The all-new KEF Muon Loudspeakers designed by Ross Lovegrove are a far cry from your ordinary speakers. These sleek and stylish speakers were fashioned by fabricating super-formed aluminum. This innovative concept uses malleable sheets of heated aluminum to achieve these otherwise impossible classy shapes. These super cool speakers took about a week’s time to achieve their desired look and shape. Finally, the technology behind these speakers promises to be like never before and guarantees to minimize any sound distorting vibrations. A truly contemporary piece of art, this product is a limited edition with only 100 pairs available for sale.

Measuring 380mm in depth, 600mm in width, 2000mm in height, and finally weighing a 115kgs these speakers are definitely a must buy. Reportedly priced at a whopping $110,000 these babies are truly the best.

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