Kelvin’s Voice-Controlled Thermostat

Another gadget to help you put on weight if misused! This is true only for people who are lazy enough to move their butt for anything. A gadget straight out of a sci-fi book/show, it’s a Voice-Controlled Thermostat. Ideally designed for the visually impaired, disabled, elderly, the Kelvin Talking Thermostat is a small investment that can enhance the quality of life and increase independence. Control your home’s temperature just by speaking or clapping! It actually announces temperature when asked. Every button talks on this Thermostat, so setting up and adjusting this programmable device is always clear. You can even control the thermostat using just your voice.

Once you program the Kelvin Talking Thermostat using the talking buttons, the advanced speech recognition technology allows you to raise and lower the temperature simply by using voice commands, which can be initiated by pressing the large tactile buttons or by clapping your hands. Although the Kelvin Talking Thermostat is voice interactive, an easy to read LED display is also included. As for the price, who cares when you can play ‘magic’ sitting on your couch.

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